Fulbright Global Award Scholars

Meet the 2016-2017 Global Award Scholars

Dr. Michael Sfraga Marco Castaldi
Home Institution: City College of New York, The City University of New York
Host Countries: France, Italy
Discipline: Chemical Engineering
Project Title: Development and Valorization of Waste Residual Materials for Environmental Applications
Dr. Ross A. Virginia Joelle Dietrick
Home Institution: Florida State University
Host Countries: Germany, Chile, Hong Kong
Discipline: Intermedia/Multimedia
Project Title: Cargomobilities: Seaport Infrastructure in Hamburg, Valparaíso and Hong Kong


Dr. Tom Arnbom

Abraham Engeda
Home Institution: Michigan State University
Host Countries: China, Ethiopia
Discipline: Mechanical Engineering
Project Title: Hydropower: Low Impact Hydropower Turbine Design-Development-Investigation and Concept Verification Followed by Implementation

Dr. Linda Chamberlain

Michael Greenfield
Home Institution: University of Rhode Island
Host Countries: Denmark, Netherlands
Discipline: Chemical Engineering
Project Title: Simulating Bitumen on the Molecular Level: Collaborations to improve modeling of "real world" materials


Susan Chatwood

Kimberly Hoang
Home Institution: University of Chicago
Host Countries: Vietnam, Burma (Myanmar)
Discipline: Regional Studies
Project Title: Capital Brokers in Emerging Markets

Asli Dis

Gregory Kirk
Home Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Host Countries: Barbados, South Africa, Netherlands
Discipline: Epidemiology
Project Title: Enhancing Investigator and Research Capacity Globally to Address the Double Burden of HIV and Non-Communicable Diseases


Dr. Gunhild Gjørv

Terry Konn
Home Institution: Brookdale Community College
Host Countries: Ghana, Rwanda
Discipline: Health Services/Allied Health & Sciences
Project Title: Bringing the Knowledge Gap: Preparing for Future Medical Imaging Practice

Margaret Lanzetta
Home Institution: Independent Scholar
Host Countries: India, Singapore, Thailand
Discipline: Arts
Project Title: Mixed Waters: Indian Trade Textiles; The Confluence of Color, Pattern and Cultural References Embodied in Cloth in India, Singapore and Thailand


Dr. Anne Hansen

Rachel Lopez
Home Institution: Drexel University
Host Countries: Guatemala, Spain
Discipline: International Law
Project Title: The Complementarity of Transitional Justice Mechanisms

Brian Meacham

Brian Meacham
Home Institution: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Host Countries: Sweden, Spain, Japan
Discipline: Engineering, Other
Project Title: Understanding and Advancing Performance-Based Building Regulatory Systems


Joshua Newell

Joshua Newell
Home Institution: University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Host Countries: Japan, China, Russia
Discipline: Geography, E. Europe & USSR
Project Title: Environmental Governance of Global Wood Commodity Chains: From the Forests of Siberia to the Apartments of Kanto via the Factories of Manchuria

Andrea Orzoff

Andrea Orzoff
Home Institution: New Mexico State University
Host Countries: Germany, Mexico, Peru
Discipline: History
Project Title: Music in Flight: Exiles, Refugees, Fugitives, and the Politics of Music in Latin America, 1933-1960


Hugh Safford

Hugh Safford
Home Institution: USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region
Host Countries: Spain, Portugal, France
Discipline: Ecology
Project Title: Using Mediterranean Advances in Postfire Ecosystem Restoration to Inform and Improve California Restoration Policy and Practice

Greta Schiller

Greta Schiller
Home Institution: Rachel Carson Center for Environment and History, University of Munich
Host Countries: Spain, India, Australia
Discipline: Film Production
Project Title: Earth Repair: Ecological Restoration on Three Continents


Adam Seligman

Adam Seligman
Home Institution: Boston University
Host Countries: Japan, Israel
Discipline: Cultural Sociology
Project Title: Living with Difference

Keya Sen

Keya Sen
Home Institution: University of Washington Bothell
Host Countries: India, Bangladesh, China
Discipline: Microbiology
Project Title: Are Crows Nuisance to Public Health or Can They Have a Positive Contribution to Society: Molecular investigation of the pathogen campylobacter carried by crows


Valerie Soe

Valerie Soe
Home Institution: San Francisco State University
Host Countries: Taiwan, Hong Kong, United Kingdom
Discipline: Intermedia/Multimedia
Project Title: Love Boat: Taiwan documentary film project

Kirilka Stavreva

Kirilka Stavreva
Home Institution: Cornell College
Host Countries: United Kingdom, Italy
Discipline: English Literature
Project Title: The Merchant of Venice" on the Global Stage


Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor
Home Institution: Marquette University
Host Countries: Turkey, Italy
Discipline: Philosophy, Miscellaneous
Project Title: Aquinas and "the Arabs": the Kalam fi mahd al-khair (Liber de causis)