Curriculum Vitae / Resume Requirements

All applications require a curriculum vitae or resume. It should be clearly organized and tailored to the award to which you are applying.

  • Include your employment history
  • Include your publications, presentations, exhibitions, etc., if applicable, and use full citations. Refereed publications should be listed separately from non-refereed publications
  • List all items chronologically, starting with the most recent

Format Requirements:

  • Up to 6 pages. For Distinguished Chair awards: up to 8 pages.
  • Single spaced, 12-point or larger font size; 1-inch margins
  • Use headers and/or bullets to organize and convey key elements, and page numbers
  • File type: Adobe PDF (recommended) or Word document
  • Only Latin alphabet characters are allowed (i.e., do not include any words or phrases that contain non-English characters)