Bibliography Requirements

A bibliography is required for applications to research and teaching/research awards, regardless of discipline.

  • The bibliography contains sources reflecting the current state of research or work on the proposed topic in the discipline and related disciplines. You should include critical theory related to their project, which may include (but is not limited to) journal articles, books, newspaper articles, works or exhibitions by other artists, conference proceedings, reports, films or videos, collection articles, court cases, microforms, websites, and digital images.
  • You may choose the format; it can be a list of sources, annotated or explanatory, etc.
  • You may choose the citation style to be used consistently throughout the bibliography
  • The bibliography is not a biography nor should it consist solely of your publications


Format Requirements:

  • Up to 3 pages
  • Single spaced, 12-point or larger font size; 1-inch margins
  • Use headers and/or bullets to organize and convey key elements, and page numbers
  • Only Latin alphabet characters are allowed (i.e., do not include any words or phrases that contain non-English characters)
  • File type: Adobe PDF (recommended) or Word document


Posted: 2/1/2019