Amy Forss

Amy Forss
  • Title: History Program Subject Coordinator
  • Project: TESOL Instruction in an ESL Hungarian Classroom
  • Academic Year: February 2014 - May 2014
  • Email: [email protected]

As the History Program Subject Coordinator I assist in hiring adjunct history instructors, run meetings, follow-up on issues concerning adjuncts, do classroom observations, chair the committee deciding our history textbooks, and teach my regular load each quarter. Currently, I am completing a manuscript re-examining the women’s movement through material culture.

While serving as a US Fulbright Scholar at the Teacher Training College in Kecskemet, Hungary, I taught classes in African American History, American Literature and 4 sections of Conversational English (two classes with college students, 1 with elementary students and 1 with faculty.) Teachingoverseas made me realize there are unlimited types of methodology. After teaching ESL college and primary students in “technology light” classrooms, (some only had a chalkboard and a single piece of chalk.) I now understand the meaning of and the necessity for engaged learning activities.

Ask Me About:

  • My Fulbright lectures in Veszprém, Pécsand Debrecen, Hungary and in Berlin, Germany.
  • Teaching African American History in a Hungarian classroom.
  • Creating an online course for my home college from my adventures abroad.